PANO - There is much potential for developing culture industry in Vietnam, according to a report, “Creative industries: Opportunity to develop economy and culture for Vietnam”, released by a group of UNESCO specialists at a conference, held in Hanoi on July 18th, on developing new finance structure and legal framework for culture industry in Vietnam.

The concept of cultural industry generally includes text, music, television, and film production and publication, as well as handicraft and design. For some countries, architecture, visual and performing arts or cultural tourism are part of it.

Dr. Tom Fleming, policy specialist of the UNESCO, said that large growing domestic and foreign markets are a great advantage to develop cultural industry in Vietnam. In addition, other existing strengths that could be used to develop its national cultural industry, such as a young population mastering digital technology, active advertising activities and commercial media, will put Vietnam in a stronger position to develop its cutural industry.

However, UNESCO specialists said that Vietnam is still limited in taking advantage of available strengths to develop its cultural industry.

At the seminar, UNESCO specialists recommended some new measures for sustainable development of Vietnam cultural industry, including a clear and long-term strategy focusing on creativeness and connection. This will pave the way for Vietnam to become more commercial, competitive and global.

Translated by Nguyen Thao