Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Long Bien said that the festival, running from June 13-18, are an important and meaningful event for Ninh Thuan to attract more tourists, thereby turning tourism into a spearhead economic sector with sustainable development in the coming years.

Ninh Thuan to set off fireworks to welcome grape – wine festival

Themed “Ninh Thuan – The land of convergence of different values,” spectators will have a chance to enjoy a low-range firework display in the opening night of the festival which is slated for June 16, 2023 at April 16 Square.

According to Nguyen Van Hoa, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, this year’s festival will be bigger than the previous ones with fairs, musical performances, a grapevine trellis contest, vineyard tours, and conferences on the development of grape farming and processing.

The biennial festival seeks to build a brand for the province’s grapes and honour various ethnic cultures.

Ninh Thuan is home to 1,060ha of grape cultivation, which is expected to double to 2,000ha by 2030.

Festival attendees can also visit the province’s Bau Truc Pottery Village, My Nghiep Brocade Weaving Village, and Nui Chua Biosphere Reserve.

The Cham people's pottery-making art was inscribed in the list of intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding by UNESCO on November 29, 2022. Cham pottery products are mainly household utensils, worship objects, and handicrafts such as jars (called “jek”), pots (gok), food trays (cambak), and vases (bilaok).

Pottery making is direct demonstration of the creativity of Cham women intimately connected to the history of knowledge in their community.

Notably, instead of using turntables, Cham women move around blocks of clay to shape objects. The products are not laid with enamel but dried and baked outdoor in wood and rice straw fires at about 800 degrees Celsius for 7 - 8 hours.

Ninh Thuan aims to attract 3.5 million tourists by 2025 and earn 2.9 trillion VND (123.68 million USD) from the tourism sector.

This year, the province expects to welcome 2.7 million visitors, of whom 20,000 are foreigners.

Source: VNA