Bunpimay Festival, the traditional New Year of Laos, has been annually celebrated by Tay Bac University in April with various cultural and sport activities as well as art performances.

The Lao and Vietnamese students together lighted candles, splashed water and tied threads on twists of each other, which are among the traditional rituals of the Bunpimay Festival to wish for peace and a happy New Year.

During the event

“It is the second year I has celebrated the Bunpimay in the university. Though far away from home, I feel really happy as my lecturers and classmates have shown me warm affection and taken special care of me on these days,” said Koungnang Laeunglutthavong, a Lao student of the university.

“The Bunpimay Festival often takes place from April 14-16, coinciding with the time when students are preparing for examinations. So we cannot go back home for the festival. Thanks to the university, I am having a warm and cheerful Bunpimay like I had at home,” added Syvui Bun Buu Phanh from Laos.

According to Nguyen Thieu Son, deputy rector of Tay Bac University, the university now has 602 Lao students, including 589 undergraduate and foundation students and 13 postgraduate ones.

Source: VNA