Director of the province’s Tourism Department Nguyen Van Phuc said that the festival not only brings about opportunities for the province to attract tourists but also promotes its cultural values, landscape, and people.

A musical show is held at Thieu Phuong Royal Garden, Imperial City, Hue. (Photo:

A traditional dance and royal performance at Ngo Mon (Noon Gate) in the imperial capital on June 7 sparked the opening ceremony of the festival, marking one of the most successful cultural events organized in Hue city for 24 years.

The festival saw the participation of 30 art troupes from France, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Japan, China, the Republic of Korea (RoK), and Vietnam, creating a series of art performances and attractive stage space for local residents and visitors.

It also includes a food event and shows of the world famous heritage of the Hue royal court music and songs.

Source: VNA