The sixth Hanoi – Saigon Sculpture Exhibition was held by a group of sculptors from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to mark the tenth anniversary of the group. The month-long exhibition attracts the participation of 32 outstanding artists with 63 unique contemporary sculpture works.

At the exhibition

With the participation of a large number of young artists, the exhibition has introduced some newcomers, featuring the contemporary Vietnamese sculpture art.

The highlight of this year's exhibition is not only the quantity, but also an abundance of creative trends and materials such as metal, wood, stone, ceramic, composite and fiberglass. The works reflect diverse and multidimensional developments in contemporary Vietnamese sculpturing.

According to researcher and art critic Vu Huy Thong, the development of the Hanoi – Saigon Sculpture Group will set an imprint in the history of Vietnamese art, and the group creates a pioneering independent sculpture movement, which will help stimulate creativity and spread the art of sculpture.

Above all, after a decade of operation the group has helped each individual artist make a name for themselves in Vietnamese visual contemporary arts.

Translated by Song Anh