Delegates visit the exhibition.

The exhibition features important milestones of the Vietnamese revolutionary press over the past years of construction and development. Especially, President Ho Chi Minh was also an outstanding journalist, making great contribution to the cause of revolutionary journalism in the country. His teachings become valuable lessons for the Vietnamese revolutionary press.

Over the past time, learning and following President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings, soldier-reporters have used pens and papers as their sharp revolutionary weapons to fight and raise the voice of the nation, whether in dark prisons or fierce battlefields.

The exhibition helps honor the journalist career of President Ho Chi Minh, highlight contribution of the Vietnamese revolutionary press during the two national resistance wars against foreign invaders, as well as pay tribute to soldier-reporters who have sacrificed themselves for the development of the Vietnamese revolutionary press.

Also at the ceremony, the delegates listened to President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings to journalists and watched animations about the process of “publishing” and “distributing” special newspapers behind bars at Hoa Lo Prison.

Translated by Chung Anh