An ancient Champa well was recently discovered in Huong An commune, Que Son district in the central province of Quang Nam.

Dating back from the 12th century, the well is square in shape; each side is one meter long. It was built with the same type of bricks used in Champa towers and temples discovered in Quang Nam.


According to Ton That Huong from the provincial Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, following surveys and research, archeologists stated there might have been a Champa community existing near the site of the well.

Previously, a complex of Champa gravestones, sacred cow statues and shrines were found 20 meters away from the ruins of Cham Huong Que in Huong An commune.

The well is located close to a rice field, thus the site is being zoned to prevent damage.

In the near future, local authorities will invite experts to examine the location to search for more scientific evidence of the Champa community’s existence.

Quang Nam is home to many international-level Champa architectural structures. The most notable are thousand-year-old towers, reflecting the phenomenal creativity of the Champa culture.

Source: VNA