The 2008 Paralympic Games was opened by Chinese President Hu Jintao on September 6 during a stunning ceremony at the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, China.

In the three-hour spectacular show, 6,000 performers and 4,000 disabled athletes from 148 countries took part in front of 91,000 ecstatic spectators.

The opening spectacular featured a number of disabled actors and actresses, focusing on themes of space, time and life.

International Paralympic Committee president Philip Craven promised the Games would be truly memorable.

“During the 12 days of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games you will realise that the differences that you might have thought existed in the world are in fact, far less apparent,” he said. “You will see that we are all people of one world”.

Officials say that more than one million tickets have been sold for the Paralympic events so far and are expecting one million more to be sold.

The action across 20 sports began on September 7 and will last until September 17.

Source: VOVNews/BBC