The two sides exchanged experience in performing their tasks like providing counseling, drafting documents and helping to build political systems for their respective parties and states.

Chairman of the CPVCC’s Inspection Commission Tran Cam Tu said the two countries have shared precious experience in Party building, inspection, supervision as well as corruption prevention and fight.

Vietnam and Laos have also agreed on orientations and measures for enhancing the time-honored friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two parties, states, as well as between the CPVCC’s Inspection Commission and Government Inspectorate of Vietnam and the LPRPCC’s Inspection Commission.

At the event

He stressed the CPVCC’s Inspection Commission will work closely with the Lao side to continue effectively realizing high-ranking agreements between the two parties and cooperation deals between the two commissions, thereby helping to strengthen Vietnam-Laos relations.

After three years of implementing the resolution of the 12th National Party Congress, under the drastic direction of the Politburo and the CPVCC Secretariat, the Vietnamese Party and State’s inspection, supervision and corruption fight have improved considerably, winning support of the people and recognition of the international community, Tu said.

The CPVCC’s Inspection Commission has examined and issued conclusions on serious violations and gave strict disciplinary measures against many violating Party units and members, including high-ranking and former officials, Tu noted.

At the talks, Bounthong Chitmany, Politburo member, Secretary of the LPRPCC, Deputy Prime Minister, head of the LPRPCC’s Inspection Commission and President of the Lao Government Inspection Authority, highlighted his commission’s reforms to help with Party building, inspection, supervision and corruption combat.

The LPRPCC’s Inspection Commission has also disciplined many senior officials and Party members who committed violations, he said.

The Lao official expressed his hope that in the time ahead, the two commissions will step up coordination and sharing of experience in all aspects so as to help promote economic development, stability, security and order in both nations.

Source: VNA