Forty eight years ago, under the wise leadership of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPRP), led by Chairman Kaysone Phomvihane, the Lao people bravely fought and gained victory in the national salvation struggle, giving birth to the Lao People's Democratic Republic on December 2, 1975.

The birth of the Lao People's Democratic Republic was not only a great victory for the Lao people, but also a great victory of the special relationship and the faithful combat alliance between Vietnam and Laos.

A scene of the "Vietnam - Laos Friendship" dance (Photo: VNA)

Over the past 48 years, following the LPRP’s wise leadership and with the spirit of patriotism and the resilient revolutionary traditions, the Lao people have promoted their solidarity, overcome all difficulties and challenges, and obtained great, comprehensive, historically-significant achievements, bringing new look to Laos. 

From an agricultural economy undergoing embargo, Laos has strongly developed into an independent, self-reliant country with guaranteed national defense and security, economic growth, improved living standards of local people, and increasing expansion of foreign relations. Laos has truly made strong moves towards prosperous development, with its position constantly being enhanced in the region and the world.

The Party, State and people of Vietnam congratulates the Lao counterparts on these attainments. Vietnam always considers Laos' great and comprehensive victories a strong source of support and encouragement in its renewal, and Fatherland construction and defense cause. It believes that the LPRP will continue to lead the Lao people to build a wealthy, prosperous, united, democratic, fair, and civilized Laos.

Vietnam and Laos have a time-honored relationship, traditional solidarity, and a tradition of mutual support. In the world, it is rare to have a time-tested bilateral relationship like that of Vietnam and Laos. The two countries have always shared with each other weal and woe, even a grain of rice or a vegetable stem. It is proud to say that the special solidarity between Vietnam and Laos, which has gone through many tough challenges, full of sacrifices and hardships, and been built with flesh and blood for the independence, freedom, and happiness of the two peoples, becomes a faithful, pure, and exemplary bond and an invaluable common asset of each country's revolutionary cause.

In today's changeable and complicated world, the special solidarity between Vietnam and Laos, built by Presidents Ho Chi Minh, Kaysone Phomvihane, and Souphanouvong, and cultivated by generations of leaders and people of the two countries, has become more important than ever to both countries. With high resolve and utmost efforts, the faithful and unwavering relationship between the two countries and the two peoples will be forever “more sustainable than mountains and rivers,” “brighter than the full moon,” and “more fragrant than the most fragrant flower.”

Written by the Editorial Board

Translated by Mai Huong