During the meeting, Mai briefed the guests on the city’s socio-economic development over the past time and affirmed that the locality has always wished to strengthen collaboration with partners from Laos and Cambodia, including the Lao Academy of Social and Economic Sciences and the Royal Academy of Cambodia, and share experience and bolster cooperation with the two neighboring countries’ localities to promote a stronger community in the time ahead.

At the meeting

The city’s leader acknowledged that research achievements from academies of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are crucial in setting out right directions for development. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City wishes the academies of the three countries will continue to promote cooperation in the coming time.

For their part, the guests said the organization of an annual science conference of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, the Lao Academy of Social and Economic Sciences, and the Royal Academy of Cambodia in Ho Chi Minh City will help participating countries gain valuable experiences of the city in developing economy and trade in the global digital era.

The annual social science conference is held on a rotational basis among the three academies. This year's conference is taking place in Ho Chi Minh City from September 20-21, focusing on trade, investment collaboration among the three countries in the context of digital economy, smart city and green growth.

Source: VNA