Deputy FM Nguyen Quoc Dung, head of the ASEAN SOM Vietnam

The preparations included a draft working program and a draft agenda for the summits, and draft documents to be submitted to senior leaders. The summits are scheduled for October 26-28 in virtual form.

Discussing ASEAN's priorities in 2021, participating delegates affirmed their support for the Chair Brunei’s initiatives on strengthening ASEAN's synergy in response to natural disasters (the ASEAN SHIELD initiative); and on promoting multilateralism and blue sea economic cooperation.

The meeting adopted the ASEAN standard document on responding to nuclear and radiological emergencies, which participants considered an important contribution to the ASEAN SHIELD.

Participants discussed and acknowledged the progress in implementing the outcomes of ASEAN 2020, including the conduction of the ASEAN Charter, and the building of the post-2025 ASEAN Community vision, and sub-regional cooperation.

They welcomed Vietnam's plan to organize the ASEAN high-level forum on sub-regional cooperation towards sustainable development and inclusive growth on November 30. The senior officials affirmed that sub-regional cooperation makes an important contribution to efforts to narrow the development gap and promote sustainable development, and to the process of building the ASEAN Community.

Delegates at the event

Speaking at the event, Dung lauded Chair Brunei's efforts to sustain and manage ASEAN activities amid the current difficult period and reiterated support for the nation’s initiatives.

He thanked member nations’ support for Vietnam’s hosting of the November 30 forum and hoped they will further making contribution to the important forum.

The Vietnamese official welcomed and highly appreciated the efforts made by the Special Envoy of the ASEAN Chair for Myanmar and the Secretary General of ASEAN in the role of coordinator for the grouping’s humanitarian assistance to Myanmar.

He affirmed that Vietnam will continue to work closely with other countries and back the efforts of the ASEAN Chair 2021 in promoting the effective implementation of the five-point consensus on Myanmar.

Facing the rapid movements of international and regional situations, Dung especially emphasized the importance of maintaining ASEAN's solidarity, unity and centrality, promoting the grouping’s common voice in international affairs related to peace, security and stability in the region; and ensuring a balanced approach in ASEAN's relations with its partners.

Source: VNA