Dr. Nakorn Serirak

In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic ties (August 6, 1976-2021), Dr. Nakorn Serirak, a lecturer at the College of Local Administration of Thailand’s Khon Kaen University, underlined that the relationship between people of the two nations is the most crucial and key to the reality of international relations.

He said the clearest proof of progress is in the establishment of the Thailand - Vietnam strategic partnership which benefits bilateral trade and investment for both sides.

In addition, working on the consultation mechanisms in both countries may facilitate business negotiations and investment promotion between the countries.

Both sides are to work to increase the value of bilateral trade and reduce trade impediments, and will promote cooperation in the digital economy, he added.

The scholar pointed out four outstanding factors in the countries’ ties, notably the good relations between the Thai Royal family and Vietnamese leaders and the diplomatic relations between political leaders.

Meetings and discussions at diplomatic forums and exchanges of diplomatic officials between the two countries; as well as cooperation between high-ranking officials in both governmental and business sectors, are also among the factors.

At the opening ceremony of Vietnam Goods Week in Thailand - Udon Thani 2021

Serirak affirmed that all these reflect in the exchanges of diplomatic missions and official visits by both the members of the Thai Royal family and political leaders as well as senior officials of ministries or major corporations of the two countries.

The political movement of the people and students during 1975-76 in protesting against the U.S. air force in Thailand is the most evident incident that explained the feeling of the Thai people who did not want the U.S. armed forces to bomb and kill Vietnamese friends.

Furthermore, a joint agreement on the grant of Thai citizenship to Vietnamese who lived in the country for a long time is to show the way the people of the two countries have a close-knit friendship and can live together peacefully and happily.

Therefore, it is important and necessary to promote future activities and cooperation between people of the two countries, the scholar emphasized.

More activities should be stepped up such as the cooperation between academicians and researchers at universities, establishment of joint research institutes in universities, exchanges of experts and personnel in new areas, teaching of the Thai language in Vietnam and vice versa, and socio-cultural exchange activities, among others.

He believed that facilitation of travel between the countries at the local level should be bolstered.

Starting from the flight between Chiang Mai and Hanoi, routes linking other cities should be considered, he said, adding that it helps entrepreneurs in both countries be more comfortable when travelling, and brings people of two countries closer through tourism together with technical cooperation at the local level.

As members of ASEAN, Thailand and Vietnam should cooperate with each other in strengthening their role to secure and support peace and cooperation among ASEAN members, Serirak said.

Source: VNA