In the message, the Vietnamese Party leader, on behalf of the Party, State and people of Vietnam and in his own capacity, offered fraternal sentiments and heart-felt sympathy to Cambodia over the losses caused by the pandemic. 

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Noting that COVID-19 continues to wreck serious impacts on human health and every aspect of socio-economic life in all countries, including Vietnam and Cambodia, General Secretary Trong said Vietnam has been keeping a close watch on the pandemic situation in the neighboring country and deeply understanding the difficulties that Cambodia is facing.

“We value the measures that the CPP and the Cambodia Government have undertaken to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic in the recent past, and believe that under the CPP’s sound leadership and the drastic governance of the Cambodian Government led by Samdech Techo Hun Sen, along with the support and unity of Cambodian people, Cambodia will successfully contain the pandemic,” Trong wrote.

He went on to say that Vietnam has implemented a host of strong and timely measures to mobilize the involvement of the entire political system and the entire people in containing the pandemic. Despite the complicated developments of the pandemic, Vietnam has so far basically curbed the spread of the pandemic.

This outcome has been appreciated by both the international and domestic community, General Secretary Trong said, affirming that the Vietnamese Party and State will continue with drastic measures to contain and minimize sources of infections, early detect infected patients and promptly give them treatment for early recovery, while implementing a vaccination campaign against COVID-19.

The Vietnamese Party leader stressed that with the tradition of solidarity and mutual support between the two Parties, States and peoples, Vietnam is always ready to cooperate with, support and share experience within its capacity with Cambodia in the fight against COVID-19, so that the two countries can stabilize the situation as early as possible.

He took the occasion to thank the CPP and the Cambodian Government for providing COVD-19 vaccinations for staff members at Vietnam’s representative missions and Vietnamese students, as well as support for the community of Cambodians of Vietnamese origin in COVID-19 prevention and control.

On the occasion of the Chol Chnam Thmey festival, the Vietnamese Party leader wished Hun Sen, the CPP leadership and Cambodian people a happy new year with good health and prosperity.

Source: VNA