Laos and Vietnam marked the 40th year of their Treaty of Amity and Cooperation on July 18 and the 55th anniversary of their diplomatic relations on September 5 this year. 

Party General Secretary and President Bounnhang Volachith delivers speech at the ceremony. 

A high-level delegation of Vietnam led by Politburo member and National Assembly Vice Chairwoman Tong Thi Phong attended the celebration. 

The establishment of diplomatic ties and the signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty of Amity and Cooperation were vital to the great friendship, fighting alliance and special solidarity between the two nations, Lao Party General Secretary and President Bounnhang Volachith said in his speech. 

They also provide a firm foundation and a driving force for the comprehensive cooperation between the two Parties, States and peoples, as well as an important factor to ensure peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world, he said. 

Bounnhang Volachith highlighted the time-honored relations between the two countries, stressing that the two nations stood shoulder by shoulder and supported each other during the long struggle for national independence, which was the decisive factor in the success of each country’s revolution, and the root of their exemplary special relationship at present. 

He affirmed that under any circumstances, the bilateral relations will always be nurtured and fostered in a practical and effective manner across fields, for the sake of the two peoples. 

The Lao leader expressed the deep gratitude to the Vietnamese Party, State and people for their huge and effective assistance for his country in the past and at present. 

He also congratulated Vietnam on great achievements during its renewal (Doi moi) process, saying that his country considers those as a great source of encouragement and valuable experience for Laos’s national defense and construction. 

Addressing the ceremony, Vietnamese National Assembly Vice Chairwoman Tong Thi Phong said the establishment of diplomatic relationship in 1962 was an important landmark in the bilateral ties, while the signing of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation laid an important political and legal basis for further strengthening the bilateral ties, serving national construction and defense of each country. 

She thanks the Lao Party, State and people for the great support they have given to Vietnam during the past struggles for national liberation, and the current national construction and defense. 

The Vietnamese legislative leader called for joint determination and efforts to maintain the exemplary and faithful relationship, which she described as a valuable common asset of the two nations. 

While congratulating Laos on achievements during the 30-year renewal process, Phong expressed her belief that under the leadership of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, the governance of the Lao Government, and the supervision of the Lao National Assembly, the country will successfully implement the Resolution of the 10th Party Congress and its five-year socio-economic development plan for 2016-2020, thus increasing its position in the region and the world. 

The same day, on behalf of the Vietnamese Party and State, Tong Thi Phong presented the Gold Star Order to Lao Politburo and Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith, the Ho Chi Minh Order to six members of the Lao Party Politburo, and the Independence Order, first class, to three secretaries of the Lao Party Central Committee, in recognition of their great contributions to the traditional friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos.

Source: VNA