This was one of many important activities to honour the Vietnam-Laos Friendship Year 2022.

Vietnamese Ambassador Le Thanh Tung highlighted the importance of the special solidarity between the two countries.

Vietnamese Ambassador Le Thanh Tung

He emphasised that the year 2022 marks an important milestone for both countries, an opportunity for them to review the heroic history of the Vietnam-Laos Combat Alliance, as well as the mutual help and support between the two Parties, States and people in the past struggle for national independence as well as in the present cause of national construction, development and protection.

Lao Ambassador Vantha Sengmeaung affirmed that the bilateral great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation are the valuable heritage of both peoples, as well as a decisive factor to bring the two countries to the revolutionary victories.

He affirmed that the special relationship is vividly expressed in the closeness, solidarity, close cooperation and mutual support between the Lao and Vietnamese representative agencies in Cuba.

Source: VNA