Opinions at the event stressed that since the launch of the CLV Development Triangle Area initiative in 1999, the three countries have signed numerous important cooperation agreements covering various areas such as economy, investment, trade, customs, transportation, culture, education and training, thus facilitating the smooth flow of goods, people and vehicles across the borders.

Chairman of the Vietnamese NA's Economic Committee Vu Hong Thanh at the session on enhancing parliamentary cooperation in promoting connectivity among the economies of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam (CLV)

The three legislatures have made efforts to fine-tune laws, policies and mechanisms to ensure a full legal framework for promoting economic connectivity, they said.

The Vietnamese delegation suggested that the three national assemblies should promote coordination through annual or ad-hoc exchanges and discussions when necessary, hold high-level parliamentary conferences periodically with substantial and effective cooperation contents, and enhance the role of lawmakers, especially those from the border provinces in the CLV development triangle area.

They also proposed building favorable mechanisms concerning administrative procedures, taxes and land access to attract investment, especially in hi-tech projects; issuing policies conducive to investment connectivity and upgrade of infrastructure at the three countries' border gates; developing the private sector into a growth engine of the area.

The Governments of the three countries should pool resources for rapid and sustainable development of their economies, strengthen connectivity and effectively roll out programs and projects in the development triangle area, particularly those related to education-training, transportation, clean and renewable energy, and digital connectivity, the Vietnamese delegates said.

Representatives from ministries, agencies and localities suggested that the three legislatures conduct annual thematic supervisory activities regarding the realization of connectivity targets towards sustainable and inclusive development. They highlighted the need to enhance representation for citizens, convey the public voices in monitoring State activities, and further facilitate citizens and communities' involvement in the process of building laws and policies.

Source: VNA