During an interview with ANTARA on May 26 in Jakarta, the ambassador affirmed that the U.S. - ASEAN partnership, which has been running for 45 years, is based on shared values and principles, such as the international system of laws, agreements, and regulations, as well as the protection of the sovereign rights of nations.

"We've been grateful to work with ASEAN to promote, defend, and enhance that rules-based international system of laws, agreements, and principles. And we look forward to finding opportunities to do so in the future," he said.

The U.S. Ambassador to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Yohannes Abraham

ASEAN develops relations, dialogue, cooperation, and partnerships with countries and sub-regional, regional, and international organizations and institutions. The U.S. began engaging in ASEAN as a dialogue partner in 1977.

Southeast Asia is an important and dynamic region, Abraham said. It has a central role in supporting the stability of the Indo-Pacific. Therefore, he added that the U.S. will always work with and through ASEAN to create a peaceful, prosperous, and stable region.

"It is in the U.S.' national interest to see ASEAN prosperous, see it independent, resilient, and we want to work with ASEAN for all of our shared benefits," he said.

Source: VNA