The objective is to streamline healthcare access for the public, including the elimination of the current requirement that patients must visit their designated hospitals first for medical care.

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The new committee will focus on digitizing the referral process, reducing paperwork, and facilitating the transfer of patients to other hospitals when necessary. Patients will still require a referral document, but the process will become more efficient.

Efforts to minimize hospital wait times and enable medication delivery to patients without requiring in-person visits to hospitals are also part of the plan to enhance convenience and reduce healthcare costs.

The proposed changes will grant patients the flexibility to seek care at any hospital of their choice, similar to individuals with private health insurance policies. The goal is to create a patient-centric healthcare service.

Dr. Cholnan said the policy guidelines, divided into 13 groups for implementation, align with the Prime Minister’s efficiency-focused health policy.

A committee dedicated to the development of the national health system will also be formed, chaired by the Prime Minister and led by Dr Surapong Suebwonglee as its secretary.

The Public Health minister added that he plans to discuss with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to push for a special law that will address its workforce needs while allowing it more flexibility than existing CSC regulations.

Source: VNA