The main feature of the campaign was an ASEAN tourism promotion vehicle (ATPV) tour that aims to increase the community's interest and provide the latest information on tourism in the region.

Tourists in Thailand

The tour sent mobile vans to popular tourist attractions and schools in Jeju from September 15-18. Their stops included the Saebyul Oreum, Volcanic Cone, Dongmun traditional market, Seongsan cape, Jeju National University, and Jungmun high school.

With its theme spotlighting the exploration of ASEAN – a destination for all dreams, the ATPV organized trips around the island and events for visitors to learn more about the 10 ASEAN member countries, particularly their tourism and cultural resources.

Passengers tried their hands at mini games that offered them gifts including tickets to the ASEAN space. The space was recently inaugurated at the Jeju International Peace Center.

Source: VNA