The article said the summit has great significance in terms of economic and strategic matters, given the rapidly changing world, adding that Vietnam has four key objectives at the event. 

First of all, amid the rise of populism and protectionism, the host must seize the moment with APEC leaders to make their cooperative process more effective and efficient. 

Secondly, the efforts to reduce trade barriers and increase investment liberalisation must continue as APEC is entering its fourth decade of development. 

 Photo: EPA
Thirdly, to sustain economic growth, Vietnam must use this opportunity to further promote bilateral trade to expand its exports and attract foreign investment. 

Finally, Da Nang is considered Vietnam's most well-known port facility and will be the showcase for future connectivity that links Southeast Asia to the rest of the world. During the US President Donald Trump's visit to Da Nang, Vietnam can showcase the diplomatic finesse which has brought it international recognition. 

According to the article, Vietnam will also use the APEC platform to push Washington to display a clearer position on trade and investment liberalisation. 

As host of the APEC 2017, Vietnam will seek further commitment on the sidelines of the event from 11 member countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that the trade deal should continue even without the US participation. 

In conclusion, it said the success of APEC would further enhance Vietnam's leading role at the ASEAN Summit. Already, the country is also preparing for its ASEAN Chairmanship in 2020 to ensure that the group will work in tangible ways to strengthen ASEAN centrality and external relations, as well as community-building by closing the gap between its old and new members.

Source: VNA