Addressing a conference to review the region’s crackdowns on criminals and armed gangs on October 30, Minister Lam highly valued the achievements made by the police of the five Central Highlands provinces. 

Minister of Public Security To Lam speaking at the conference 
He noted that the provincial Police Department should give advice to local authorities on measures to promote the combined strength of the entire political system in combating crimes, particularly the organised ones, forest land disputes and encroachment, homicide, and child abuse. 

Police force needs to continue cooperating with relevant bodies in preventing and fighting drug dealing in the Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia border areas, he said, adding that focus should be put on building the Party and police force while honouring individuals and units for outstanding efforts in the fight against crimes. 

Over the past years, the Central Highlands has faced numerous serious social problems, such as murder, child abuse, robbery and gambling. 

With the joint efforts of local authorities, relevant bodies and communities, the regional police forces have completed and surpassed their targets, particularly in reducing the number of criminal cases and detecting more economic, environmental and drug-related violations. 

On the occasion, 12 units and 12 individuals were honoured for their outstanding contributions to the anti-crime fight.

Source: VNA