At the study program

Luc Ngan covers 27,000 ha of fruit trees, including over 15,000 ha of litchi trees, and becomes the largest area of fruit trees in the North. Litchi has been a major export of the district in particular and of the province in particular.

This year, Luc Ngan hopes to harvest about 100,000 tons of litchi.

In order to take advantage of litchi trees and cultural resources of Luc Ngan, the province is building tours to gardens where visitors will taste litchi and contemplate litchi flowers.

However, to this end, Luc Ngan must choose some places to develop fruit tours, open training courses for local people and design nice and convenient places for tourists in some communes as well as open roads to Luc Ngan for easy travel to the district and litchi export.

At the study program, Deputy-CEO of Hanoi Redtours highlighted the tourism advantage of Luc Ngan. However, she added that tours to Luc Ngan can be designed for next year due to the fact that the current litchi season is soon ended. She also suggested the close connectivity between the district and travel agencies and the need to improve local infrastructure.

Translated by Chung Anh