At the event

According to a report delivered at the working session, during 2016-2020, the province had 19 out of 63 extremely disadvantaged communes meeting goals set by the national target program on sustainable poverty reduction, with no localities in the province now living without electricity.

By the end of 2020, 73 out of 113 mountainous and ethnic minority-inhabited communes had fulfilled new-style rural standards.

Speaking at the working session, Chien lauded the outcomes, particularly the significant progress in poverty reduction in mountainous and ethnic minority-populated areas.

Highlighting the Party and State’s attention to these areas in recent years and in the 2021-2030 period, the official said major investment will come and present a good opportunity for Thai Nguyen to promote its scientific research and technology transfer, create sustainable livelihoods, and provide human resources training for ethnic minorities.

Thai Nguyen is home to 45 ethnic minority groups.

Source: VNA