The meeting held by the Presidium of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee adopted a list of 205 candidates for the upcoming election of deputies to the 15th legislature.

Making and announcing such lists are among the tasks for local agencies and organisations, as assigned by the National Election Council (NEC).

A big poster on the elections hung in front of the Dong Da district's Party Committee's HQs

The lists must be sent to the National Election Committee and all-level election committees by April 23 (30 days ahead of the elections), so that the NEC and the all-level election committees will officially announce the candidates at constituencies.

The listing of candidates for NA deputies at constituencies nationwide and for members of People’s Councils at local constituencies should be completed no later than April 28.

Meanwhile, official lists of candidates running for NA deputy in constituencies in centrally-run cities and provinces, as well as their biographies, will be publicised by May 3.

Localities should step up communications work to raise public awareness about the elections and facilitate election campaigns, which are scheduled to be concluded 24 hours prior to the elections.

Between May 13 and 23, election groups will regularly inform local voters about polling stations and election time through leaflets and the mass media.

Local election committees will coordinate with relevant agencies and organisations to instruct the settlement of complaints, denunciations, and petitions regarding the lists of candidates and voters and election work.

Settlements should be completed before May 13.

Source: VNA