After listening to a report of the NA Standing Committee on latest adjustments to the draft revised law on public investment, lawmakers discussed several contentious issues, with 20 deputies presenting their opinions.

Chairman of the National Assembly's Committee on Finance and Budget Nguyen Duc Hai presents a report on the latest adjustments to the draft revised law on public investment.

At the end of the morning session, there were still different opinions on three issues, which were the criteria for classifying investment projects, the authority to consider and decide the list of mid-term public investment projects, and the duration for submitting and approving mid-term public investment projects.

The NA assigned the NA Secretary General, in coordination with the NA Committee for Financial and Budgetary Affairs, to collect NA deputies’ opinions on those matters.

In the afternoon, the draft law on general mobilization and the reserve force, and another on entry and exit of Vietnamese citizens were presented to the NA along with reports verifying the two bills, followed by group discussions.

Source: VNA