PANO - Personnel of the Level-2 Field Hospital (L2FH) Rotation 5 of Vietnam have completed hard training with numerous difficulties and challenges in preparation for their participation in U.N. peacekeeping operations in South Sudan.

All members of the L2FH Rotation 5 feel proud of their missions and are determined to undertake and fulfill duties at the U.N. Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), contributing to the successful implementation of the foreign policies of the Party and State and raising the prestige and position of Vietnam and its military in the international arena.

The honor of being “blue berets” has motivated all members of the L2FH Rotation 5 to complete all training contents, ranging from medical expertise, foreign language command to military contents and survival skills, thus helping them well fulfill future tasks entrusted by the Party, State, and military.

Below are photos reflecting the training and preparation of the members of the L2FH Rotation 5 for upcoming peacekeeping missions.

Translated by Tran Hoai