PANO - Pilot training aircraft YAK-130 of the Air Defense - Air Force Service is being used to train combat pilots to fly more advanced aircraft.  

Apart from training, YAK-130 can also perform light-attack and reconnaissance duties. As a product of Russia, the aircraft was provided to Regiment 940 of the Air Force Officer Training School of the Air Defense - Air Force Service in 2021. As for now, all instructors, pilots, and technicians of Regiment 940 can master the training aircraft. In 2022, the regiment successfully organized three live-fire exercises using the YAK-130.

Recently on October 16, Regiment 940 maneuvered to Kep Airport in Bac Giang province to carry out training sessions. Having surveyed and get used to the new training ground, the regiment has conducted four successful flights, ensuring absolute safety.

PANO would like to introduce photos of YAK-130 training aircraft, instructors, and pilots of Regiment 940 during a training session in Bac Giang.

Translated by Chung Anh