PANO - As the Mid-Autumn Festival is nearing, Hanoi Old Quarter is filled with brilliant colors of lanterns, star-shaped lanterns, paper masks, traditional toys, and decorative items.

Many streets in Hanoi, including Hang Ma, Hang Ruoi, Hang Luoc, etc., have become bustling and crowded with sellers, buyers, and visitors.

Nguyen Thi Mai, a small retailer on Hang Ma street, shared that this year, decorative items are more diverse in designs with various shapes, colors and sizes. These items are mainly transported from Ho Chi Minh City, some are imported from China.

As reported by reporters of the People’s Army Newspaper (PAN), most customers select domestic products because of lower prices.

Below are photos featuring exciting activities in Hanoi Old Quarter ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Translated by Quynh Oanh