PANO - Frigate 015 - Tran Hung Dao, Brigade 162, Naval Region 4 of the Vietnam People’s Navy has excellently completed sea exercise phase in the ASEAN - India Maritime Exercise (AIME) which was co-hosted by India and Singapore.

In particular, the Vietnamese frigate participated in the drill at sea with eight other ships from India, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei.

During the exercise in a 300 nautical miles area, crew-members of the 015 - Tran Hung Dao showed their good professional competence and capability in all contents, including complicated ones. Apart from maneuvering ship in accordance with tactical intentions, the Vietnamese officers maintained smooth communication with other participating ships and ensured absolute safety of personnel and equipment.

During nearly two days and nights, the participating ships conducted contents, such as target tracking, aerial formation photography, logistic services at sea, helicopter takeoff and landing, deciphering coded messages, and light communication. 

Below are photos of performance of frigate 015 -Tran Hung Dao’s crew at sea exercise phase in AIME.