PANO - Nearly 100 raw female recruits have settled down their lives in the Military Training School of Military Region 7. Under the instructions of the leadership of the Ministry of National Defense, military units recruited voluntary female enlistees, and units under the Military Region 7 Command have recruited nearly 100 female enlistees from Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

Although the female soldiers come from different localities and different walks of life, they now work and live together under the same roof of the military, so they treat one another like family members.

Their friendship and unity refuel them, helping them overcome difficulties and hardship in military training and life.

All female soldiers show their resolve to successfully fulfill a military training course for raw recruits.

Reporters of the People’s Army Newspaper present several pictures, featuring their new life and work in the army:

Reported by Hung Khoa - Ho Hue

Translated by Thu Nguyen