PANO - Troops from Regiment 246 of Division 346 have carried out mass mobilization work in Tuc Tranh and Dong Dat communes of Phu Luong district, Cam Gia ward in Thai Nguyen city, and Xuan Lac commune in Cho Don district, Bac Kan province.

In these localities, troops contributed nearly 2,000 working days to build 500m of a rural concrete road. They also upgraded seven kilometers of roads, several cultural houses in different villages, local schools, and cleaned up the local environment. In addition, they assisted locals in reinforcing dykes to prevent flooding near Cau River and upgraded houses for 20 local policy beneficiaries and poor families.

Apart from helping locals, troops also provided them with the Party’s guidelines, and the State’s policies and laws, as well as military-defense missions. They also briefed the locals on the success of the 13th National Party Congress. Furthermore, they instructed them on how to live a healthy life, taught farming and livestock breeding techniques and gave local students free haircuts.

Below are photos of the troops’ good deeds in the localities.

Translated by Chung Anh