PANO - Founded on March 26, 1975, Army Corps 3 excellently completed tasks in the Central Highlands Campaign and was in charge of the main offensive direction from the Northwest of Saigon in the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign, contributing to the liberation of the South and national reunification.

Promoting the army corps’ glorious traditions and feats-of-arms, its troops have been studying hard, improving their expertise, honing combat readiness and training skills, building regularity, observing military discipline, and building strong and healthy party cells in combination with building a comprehensively-strong, exemplary, and typical unit.

They have also closely coordinated with local party committee and authorities to carry out mass mobilization work, consolidate defense-security posture in the locality, and contribute to building new-style rural areas, deserving to be a regular, mobile army corps in the strategic Central Highlands.

The People’s Army Newspaper Online would like to introduce several photos of activities of Army Corps 3’s affiliates over the past time. 

Translated by Mai Huong