Talking to Vietnam News Agency (VNA) in Pretoria, Mapaila highlighted that Vietnam won the victory in the struggle for independence, putting an end to all forms of exploitation as well as hunger and poverty, and building a country of happiness and development.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong addresses the closing ceremony of the sixth session of the 13th Party Central Committee.

Vietnam has affirmed its position in the world arena, he noted, adding that at many major international forums such as the United Nations, Vietnam has gained an important position and expanded cooperation at the government level with many countries, while showing its role and progressive standpoints in international relations.

Regarding the relationship between the two parties, Mapaila said that they share long-term ties which have been built and nurtured through many generations.

In reality, the two peoples have supported each other during each other’s struggle for national liberation. In the past, South African people rose up against the imperialist invasion war in Vietnam. Many South African leaders, along with others from around the world, participated in many demonstrations and supported Vietnam in its struggle for independence, said the SACP leader.

He noted that in 1978, then African National Congress (ANC) Party leader Oliver Tambo also led a delegation to Vietnam to join a meeting with activists who support the righteous struggle of Vietnam. The visit laid a foundation for the call for public support against the Apartheid racial segregation in South Africa.

According to Mapaila, Vietnam and South Africa have enjoyed a sound partnership with high development potential. South African people love Vietnam, considering the country as a symbol of the fight against the imperialists.

He said he hopes in the time to come, the two sides will increase delegation exchanges and organize high-level bilateral meetings in both Party and government channel. Through cultural and people-to-people exchange as well as cooperation in political education, the two sides can learn from each other, he held.

Mapaila also congratulated the CPV on the glorious victories over the past 93 years. He said he hopes the CPV will continue to promote the example of President Ho Chi Minh, who led Vietnamese people with his humility and high morals to many victories. He wished the CPV and Vietnamese people will continue to achieve more success.

Source: VNA