Disinfecting to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in Phnom Penh on April 4, 2021

WHO said Cambodia has reached another critical point amid a sudden and huge surge in community transmission cases and deaths.

New cases occur every day, and unless the country can stop the outbreak, its health system is at high risk of being overwhelmed, which could have disastrous consequences, said WHO Representative to Cambodia Li Ailan.

She also commended a series of anti-COVID-19 measures taken by the government, including an inter-provincial travel ban and nighttime curfew, to break the chain of transmission.

The representative also suggested that people stay home during the Khmer New Year holiday (from April 14 to 16) to minimise risks of infection.

On April 11, the Cambodian government issued an 8-article ordinance on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for government officials and armed force members, warning that those who avoid vaccinations will be disciplined.

The ordinance also explains that the mandatory vaccination does not apply to individuals who have been confirmed by a health authority to be unable to vaccinate due to their health conditions.

So far, 678,406 people and 216,903 military officers and soldiers in Cambodia have been vaccinated against COVID-19. The country is using three COVID-19 vaccines, namely Sinopharm, AstraZeneca/SII, and Sinovac.

The country has recorded 4,238 infection cases, including 2,152 recoveries and 29 fatalities.

Source: VNA