Under the report released recently by leading international residence and citizenship by investment advisory firm Henley & Partners, with an astonishing 95% growth rate predicted, this emerging Asian manufacturing hub is expected to see a strong growth of centi-millionaires in the real estate, technology, and financial services sectors.

(Photo for illustration: thuonghieucongluan.com.vn)

India is next in line with an anticipated 80% growth rate in individuals worth more than 100 million USD by 2032.

Mauritius has recently emerged as a hot spot for migrating centi-millionaires, with growth of 75% predicted for this safe, business-friendly African island nation. Three other countries on the continent make it into the top league of fastest growing centi-millionaire markets ­in the next decade — Rwanda (70%), Uganda (65%), and Kenya (55%).

­­New Zealand and Australia are also forecast to enjoy exceptional growth with 72% and 60%, respectively.

The U.S. is home to an astonishing 38% (9,730) of global centi-millionaires, despite constituting only 4% of the world’s total human population. The big emerging markets of China and India follow in second and third place, with populations of 2,021 and 1,132 centi-millionaires, respectively. They rank significantly higher than the main European markets by this measure, with the U.K. in fourth place (with 968 centi-millionaires) followed very closely by Germany in fifth place (with 966).

Punching above its weight, Switzerland ranks sixth on the list with 808 inhabitants worth more than 100 million USD despite its small size and population. Japan (765), Canada (541), Australia (463), and finally Russia (435) make up the rest of the top ten countries for centi-millionaires.

Source: VNA