According to Senior Colonel, Doctor Vo Van Khoi, Deputy-Director of Military Hospital 211 of the Logistics Department of Army Corps 3, to promote the quality of health check-ups and treatment for patients, the hospital has concentrated on raising management capacity, making breakthroughs in medical techniques and expertise, and acquiring modern science and technology.

Officer Khoi added that the unit has invested in latest medical equipment while heightening high sense of its staff’s responsibilities in serving patients.

Doctors from Military Hospital 211 of Army Corps 3 giving free health checkups and medicines to people in Duc Co border district, Gia Lai province 

In fact, almost all doctors of the hospital are university graduates and post-graduates with good command of staffed equipment, and skills to perform new techniques in internal medicine, surgery and paraclinical studies.

Like Military Hospital 211, Military Hospital 15 has also invested in numerous modern medical equipment and paid due attention to improving its doctors’ and nurses’ expertise.

Since 2015, military staff of these two hospitals have given timely treatment to nearly 250 patients with serious health problems, leaving a deep impression on local people.

Y The, of Gie Trieng ethnic minority group in Dak Tang commune, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province said that Y The  had brain injury and felt in a deep coma after a traffic accident. Luckily, Y The was saved on time by doctors from Military Hospital 211. “Our family will forever be grateful to these doctors,” Y The said.

Moreover, hundreds of troops and workers of the two hospitals have yearly donated their blood. Besides, various delegations from the hospitals have come to remote, mountainous and border areas to give free health checkups, medicine and health consultancy to local people.

Last year alone, the hospitals’ staff checked health for more than 16,300 people and provided them with medicine at a total cost of over VND 1.8 billion.

Those deeds have practically beautified the good virtue of Uncle Ho’s soldiers, contributed to the local socio-economic development, and at the same time consolidate people’s trust in the Party, State and close military-civilian solidarity, and created good foundation for the units to fulfill all assigned missions.

Translated by Mai Huong