Thua Thien-Hue border guards checking health of Lao people

The military medical stations have worked well to prevent and control infectious diseases and have meticulously taken care of people's health in the border district of A Luoi.

"Previously, due to a low level of education, local people often experienced various diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, flu, and respiratory infections. We have tried our best to understand their customs, habits and build trust with local people, upholding the important role of providing health-care services for people," said Major, Doctor Dang Hong Minh, head of the military medical station of Nham commune.

Along with providing free medical examinations and medicines at the station, the military medical doctors also regularly visit each village and provide medicines for common diseases such as flu, diarrhea, respiratory infections to local people and guide them to prevent diseases as well as educate them on some of their detrimental customs which, unknown to them, could cause or spread diseases.

There are five military medical stations along the borderline of A Luoi district which have not only become a reliable address for thousands of people in the district, but also a source for free medical examinations and treatment for hundreds of Lao cadres and people.

The stations have also coordinated with each other to offer free medical check-ups and medicines as well as promote information dissemination on preventing easily-controlled infectious diseases among Lao people.

Translated by Lam Anh