PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the Military Region 5 Command's leadership. Photo: VNA

At the meeting, Lieutenant General Nguyen Long Cang, Commander of Military Region 5 reported the political security in the stationed area, good results in military-defense mission implementation and preparations for the upcoming traditional Tet to the Prime Minister.

Last year, the Party Committee and leadership of Military Region 5 closely teamed up with local Party committees and authorities, embraced, carried out comprehensively and fulfilled all set military-defense targets.

Besides, the region’s armed forces gave effective assistance to local people in overcoming consequences of natural disasters and search and rescue.

Its affiliates well prepared defensive-area exercises at localities and troops-handover task for 2018 as well as mapped out plans, including those related to combat readiness and cozy Tet for troops.

On behalf of the Party, State, Standing Committee of the Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defense, PM Phuc highlighted the region’s performance of approved working plans, coordination in firmly building the whole people’s defense posture in combination with the whole people’s security posture, timely support to needy people in localities as well as realization of mass mobilization task, external defense service and policies for troops’ families.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc addressing the working session. Photo: qdnd.vn

PM Phuc noted that Military Region 5 is stationed in a strategic area with a long borderline and coastline, thus the region’s command should coordinate closely with local Party committees, authorities and units stationed in the area to grasp thoroughly any local developments to make timely suggestions to the Party, State, Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense to handle any circumstances to avoid being surprised.

The PM further tasked the unit to organize training programs and exercises seriously in line with realities; build a strong self-defense and militia force, pay due attention to mass mobilization work, boost close ties with local people and bring into full play good virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers.

Regarding the upcoming traditional Tet festivities, PM Phuc asked the region to ensure the spiritual and material life of troops and families with adversity in life or badly affected by natural disasters while maintaining strictly combat readiness duties.

As the Lunar New Year is drawing near, PM Phuc presented gifts and wished the command, its troops and militia and self-defense force good health, happiness and success in task performance.

Translated by Mai Huong