This is the second consecutive year that Viettel's IT products have been honored. Six honored products this year were for health, OTT, big Data, and network security.

Representatives of Viettel receive the awards  
Accordingly, Viettel Ecosystem for Primary Care v1.0 won the Gold Winner in the best healthcare services and IT products. This meaningful product is to support the management and administration through the integrated reports of the medical sector, so as to give healthcare managers an overview of the Vietnam healthcare system to make suitable decisions and policies. This is an important factor towards Industry 4, contributing to strengthening the national competitiveness.

Viettel Online Charging System (vOCS) v3.0 was highly valued by the organizing panel in the "Most Innovative IT Service" category. The system can serve 24 million subscribers/sites while the former biggest OCS could only serve 12 million. This product has successfully applied in 6 countries with a total of 140 million subscribers, saving about USD 70 million for the company.

Four other honored products include Telecom Security Solution (Viettel Mobile Security), National Immunization Information System (NIIS) v2.0, Mocha Application, and Customer Insight.

The IT World Awards is an annual award organized by the Network Product Guide to honor achievements in the IT industry since 2006. This year’s awards drew the participation of big groups, such as Samsung, Ultimate Software Dell, and Cisco.

Translated by Lam Anh